How to Create a Participant Page
Create one page per student, or per family (your choice). If creating a family page, all donations will be tracked towards the class code specified on this form. 

1. Enter the required information in the form below.  

-Child’s First Name, Last Name
-Your Email Address
-Specify Username, Password to be used for this site
-Select a photo, if desired
-Specify participant's class code
Press Submit. You will be taken to your Fundraiser Dashboard. 

2. From your Fundraiser Dashboard
- Settings: Specify Goal, Display Goal, Display Total
- Content: Enter a personal message to be displayed under the general message (optional)

3. You will receive an email which includes a link to Your Page.  Share your page link through email, text, social media!

Donors will also be able to do a Participant Search from the main site