Section School PTG (Parent Teacher Group) provides Section Elementary students with enrichment programs and activities. The PTG is a not-for-profit volunteer run organization that relies 100% on donations to offer these opportunities to our children. 

The PTG hosts an annual fall fundraiser to support our programming throughout the school year. 


How does the fundraiser work?
Instead of selling items such as wrapping paper and pizzas to friends and family, students collect pledges and participate in a non-competitive 60-minute fitness event called SECTION SIXTY during school hours to raise awareness about our fundraising goal. SECTION SIXTY is an event that students look forward to every year as they rotate through 8 stations in the gym and outside such as rock wall, hula hoops, ladder challenge, roller racers, and yoga!

This fundraiser is the largest fundraiser of the year for the PTG and does not require parents to pick up, deliver, or store any items. Additionally, the SECTION SIXTY event is run by Section parents, vs. bringing in an outside organization that can take up to 50% of the profit for hosting the event.

All donations are tax deductible and 100% of the donations stay with Section's PTG and benefit Section's students.

Check out Photos from Section Sixty

When is the fundraiser?
The fundraiser takes place on October 3-4, 2022

How are PTG Funds Used?

PTG funds are used for educational assemblies, to offset field trip costs, provide after school activities such as art club, code ninja, and track club, and MUCH MORE!

here to view a complete listing of how PTG funds are used. 


Stay Connected!

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